this comic is dumb im dumb
shake it like a polaroid picture

WOOT WOOT! Finally done! Please have a look at my website!


K I s S m E k I S s M E K i S s m E k I S s m E | Free! E.08 Preview

pastelbat: is letting me hold a giveaway! 

Prize: 2 winners each get to choose an item worth 30$ on their page.


  • Follow me(Pastelbat) on tumblr. (I will check)
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • You are allowed to reblog as much as you want. (likes will be ignored)
  • Don’t remove the text.
  • Ask box must be open!
  • The winner have 48h to answer or a new winner will be drawn. (the winners will be chosen with

The giveaway ends on the 25th August.
And the giveaway is worldwide!

Goodluck everyone! 

my parents don’t realize that i am perfectly happy avoiding humanity


Episode 7 screenshots for Eternal Summer are up!



when u see ur favorite character on your dash



*black couple living in a haunted house*

wife: the house haunted

husband: we out this bitch

*everybody lives*

Marco Bodt appreciation post | SNK Ova 3

"Is that for good luck, too?"

"No, it’s just me copying Rin-senpai…"  (x)